Adena Distributing
Cincinnati's Craft Source 
A Different Kind of Beer Distributor

Adena is Cincinnati's first 21st Century beer distributor. We promise to be different than the older, larger distributors. We offer limited term contracts to our breweries to ensure we fight to keep their business. We track kegs and tap handles with modern technology.

Adena Culture

Adena Distributing is a dedicated partner to our suppliers. We provide unique attention to growing breweries with our passion, experience, knowledge, and hard work. Our focus is on our select brewing partners, regardless of their size, as long as they are independent, committed to quality, and share our values.

Authentic Connections
We are not fresh faces in the market. Our current connections with craft beer accounts in Cincinnati will give the brands we represent instant access to consumers. Our relationships give us credibility with key retailers and taste-making accounts.
A Dedication to Quality

We store all of our beer cold, and we deliver our beer cold as well. We monitor the packaging and keg dates of all of our beer to ensure freshness. We have distributor experience with a brewery mindset.

A New Kind of Brand Family
Our suppliers are dedicated to quality, independently-owned, and seek to have a positive impact on their world. We represent a curated portfolio of breweries we believe in. We partner with our suppliers to distribute in Cincinnati. 
Let's Talk
If you're a retailer, supplier, or are otherwise curious about Adena, please contact: